Islamorada 3/4 Day Fishing Charter

islamorada 3-4 day charterDeparting from our docks, our Islamorada ¾ Day Fishing Charters offer a six hour ocean expedition.

Our Islamorada ¾ day fishing charters are a fantastic option for those without the time or budget for one of our full day charters, as well as those who consider a half day too short. When we go fishing ourselves, we prefer our six hour trip. This is because the two extra hours provides time for catching many more fish, as well as the ability to travel farther offshore if needed.

The best fishing areas in Islamorada are extremely close to shore and our fishing boats are located a few short minutes away. Most of our clients simply wish to catch fish, but Islamorada is truly beautiful. The ride out to sea takes us past some of the most spectacular waterfront mansions in the area and the scenery is simply stunning. With the six hours available to us, we are able to include a short sight-seeing trip into your Islamorada fishing charter. If this interests you then let us know. We have the time to tour the city and explore the waterways – and still head out to sea where we can catch numerous thrilling fish.

Everything that you will need to catch fish is provided for you on our Islamorada ¾ day fishing charters. This includes a boat, the captain and mate, frozen bait and lures, as well as all the fishing equipment you can think of. Live bait is not included and we do sometimes recommend using it. If you decide to use it then we will add the cost of purchasing it onto your fishing charter. The choice is yours and you are welcome to say no. Many fishing charter operators in Islamorada are secretive about this, but we will always let you know – well in advance – if we think using live bait will increase your chances of catching some truly magnificent fish. After all, it is rather tragic to miss out on some big fish if they are biting that day.

Many of the fish caught in Islamorada is incredibly tasty. Your catches belong to you if you wish to keep them. Our friendly fishing crews will clean, fillet and package your edible catches into zip lock bags for you to take home for dinner. There are several top seafood restaurants in Islamorada that will be delighted if you bring your fish for them to prepare for you. Their prices are set and much cheaper than ordering anything off their menus, and their expert chefs take pride in turning your catch into the ultimate culinary delight.

Contact us to book your Islamorada ¾ Day Fishing Charter and discover the exhilaration of the ocean.