Islamorada Tuna Fishing

islamorada tuna fishing

Found in abundance off the coast of Islamorada, tuna fishing is one of the most popular activities in the area. Catching tuna is exhilarating, extremely challenging and highly rewarding – and the experience comes strongly recommended. In Islamorada, the most common varieties of tuna are the yellowfin tuna and the blackfin tuna. These powerful fish ensure anglers have the ultimate fishing adventure.

Swimming underwater at nearly 40mph, tuna have aerodynamic bodies that are specifically designed for catching fish at these incredible speeds. They take our bait so fast that we can not only feel it, but hear it as well. Our Islamorada fishing charters troll both live and frozen baits very successfully (we also catch them while kite fishing), and targeting these amazing fish is not only our client's favorite, but our fishing captains and crews too.

As the people of the world develop a taste for sushi, the popularity of blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna is rising steadily. These exciting fish are one of the most delicious fish in the oceans and hunting them has become a very profitable business for commercial fishermen. A bluefin tuna once sold in Japan for a truly astounding $400 000, which helps to explain the ever increasing demand for them.

One of the most common questions our Islamorada fishing charter clients ask is whether they can eat their tuna catch immediately, on the boat. Although this is probably one of the best ways to experience their taste, it is very messy. We much prefer to clean, fillet and package your tuna catches for you once we are back at our docks in Islamorada.

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