Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

islamorada tarpon fishing

Tarpon are highly regarded in Islamorada. Their incredible fighting spirit has earned them their place as a truly iconic fish. These fish will leap, jump, roll and flip in every direction to break free from your line and they are incredibly powerful. Islamorada is one of the best places to catch tarpon because of the rivers, ocean inlets and canals common in the area. Surprisingly, staying inshore will increase your chances of catching these magnificent fish.

Most of the tarpon caught in Islamorada range between five and seven feet in length, but they can easily grow into monsters over eight feet long. Weighing as much as 250lbs, tarpon are simply enormous. Shiny scales cover their entire bodies. The reason that tarpon are so exquisite is because their scales are tinged with stunning blue and green hues that reflect majestically in the light.

The eastern coastline of the United States teems with tarpon and they are common in the Atlantic Ocean. During winter and spring, all these tarpon migrate into Islamorada in order to escape the colder waters of the north. Their numbers increase dramatically during this time and so do your chances of catching them, even though we catch many of them throughout the year.

In Islamorada, tarpon prefer live bait. They can be caught on artificial bait, frozen bait and lures, but we know the benefits of using live bait. Unfortunately, it is more expensive and other fish love stealing it, but it will definitely provide you with your best chance of catching one of these phenomenal fish.

Tarpon can be caught using all types of fishing equipment. It is essential to remember their strength though. These fish are known to regularly overpower cheap rods and reels and they do so easily. Requests for tarpon charters on small boats with light tackle are regularly accommodated. We can also use any of our larger boats as well. Many fishing charter operators in Islamorada focus exclusively on catching tarpon. All our fishing captains specialize in tarpon and some even have their own secret hunting spots in Islamorada.

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