Islamorada Swordfish Fishing

islamorada swordfish fishingFishing for swordfish in Islamorada is an experience we strongly do not recommend missing out on. Our swordfish charters are nothing short of exhilarating and are one of the most exciting charters that we offer. Found at depths between a few hundred feet and thousands of feet, reeling these gigantic and extraordinarily powerful fish through the ocean is a challenge second to none. Our Islamorada fishing charters often assist even the strongest anglers with our electric reels.

Swordfish, or broadbills, are truly amazing fish. Our Islamorada fishing charters regularly return to our docks with swordfish weighing anywhere from 200lbs to 500lbs. These enormous fish are easy to identify. Their long bill or "sword" is used highly effectively to slash and kill their prey (their favorite being squid) – as opposed to spearing them as is commonly believed.

Our Islamorada fishing charters catch swordfish throughout the day and night, which is why we suggest targeting them to anglers wishing to do some night fishing. Found in deep waters much farther offshore, it takes us longer to reach their feeding grounds. This is the reason why swordfish charters in Islamorada are offered at more expensive rates. With the boats burning more fuel, additional costs are incurred.

Grilling the white meat of these delicious fish is a true taste sensation. Our friendly Islamorada fishing crews will cut your swordfish into steaks and package it for you into zip lock bags to take home for dinner. Alternatively, several seafood restaurants in Islamorada will be thrilled to prepare your catch for you. Their expert chefs take pride in preparing swordfish the best way – at prices far cheaper than anything offered on their menus.

Call now to book your Islamorada Swordfish Fishing Charter and prepare for the ultimate challenge.