Islamorada Snapper Fishing

islamorada red snapper fishingRequiring less equipment, fishing for snapper is a great deal of fun and is in many ways less challenging than targeting other types of fish. The waters off the coast of Islamorada teem with a variety of snappers including red snapper, yellowtail snapper, vermillion snapper, red porgies and others.  Snapper is also very tasty and a popular dish in many seafood restaurants in Islamorada.

Our Islamorada fishing captains and crews are all experts when it comes to catching snapper. Their knowledge will be shared with everyone onboard. New anglers will have the opportunity to learn about snapper, while experienced anglers will be able to improve their techniques. You will certainly have a great advantage when fishing for snapper with us in Islamorada.

We use all kinds of bait to catch snapper, but live shrimp definitely produces the best results. Our Islamorada fishing charters seek out reefs or wrecks where these fish are found schooling. Ideally, reefs with clear water and a fast-flowing current are better than wrecks. This is because we drift live shrimp (which is expensive and tends to be eaten by other fish) in the water. In wrecks, the areas where fish congregate are much smaller and therefore denser with different fish species who all attempt to steal our bait. This makes targeting a specific fish extremely challenging.

Commercial fishermen hunt snapper to supply the seafood restaurants in Islamorada. Hungry diners devour them in large numbers. Snapper are extremely delicious, which helps to explain their popularity. Recreational anglers and fishing charters also target snapper in order to grace dinner tables in Islamorada.

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