Islamorada Shark Fishing

islamorada shark fishingWhen it comes to catching sharks in Islamorada, we are experts. Some of the best shark fishing in Florida occurs here, which is why it is such a popular activity. Sharks exist at the top of the ocean's food chain for very good reasons, and wrangling with the monsters of the sea is exhilaration personified.

Sharks come to Islamorada during their migrations, passing close to shore – and they arrive in the millions every year. Most of the sharks that we catch are caught a mile or two off the coast, which means we do not have to travel very far. Our Islamorada fishing charters specialize in catching sharks. We know exactly where to find them and precisely how to catch them.

There are many varieties of sharks off the coast of Islamorada. It is possible to catch any of them but the most common are bull sharks, hammerhead sharks and mako sharks. As with all predators hunting prey, understanding your quarry is essential. Here is some information on a few of the most frequently caught sharks in Islamorada:

Islamorada Hammerhead Sharks

Found feeding near the ocean floor, hammerhead sharks present anglers with an opportunity to go bottom fishing. Their mouths are smaller than other shark species and they can grow into massive creatures. A fully grown hammerhead shark can weigh as much as a ton, but those we catch in Islamorada usually weigh a few hundred pounds or more. Named after their distinctly hammer-shaped heads, these sharks hunt alone at night. In the daytime, we find them swimming in schools.

Islamorada Mako Sharks

One of the fastest sharks in the oceans, mako sharks have been recorded swimming at speeds nearing 50mph underwater. This makes catching them particularly thrilling. Unfortunately, these beautiful sharks are considered an endangered species because their populations are declining steadily. Catching a mako shark in Islamorada is becoming increasingly difficult. When we catch one of them, we always release it back into the ocean without harming it in any way.

Islamorada Thresher Sharks

Found farther offshore, our Islamorada fishing charters search for thresher sharks where the water drops off into the Gulf Stream and extends into depths around 1 500ft. Named after their long tails which so closely resemble a thresher device(which is used in farming to separate grains from stalks), thresher sharks are enormous. Growing into monsters exceeding a ton in weight when adult sized, those we catch in Islamorada are usually smaller than that. Smaller pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel make up their common diet but they also eat squid. We have found baiting thresher sharks with squid to produce the best results.

Islamorada Bull Sharks

When it comes to sharks, we are not afraid. Bull sharks however, have an extremely bad reputation. They are able to survive in both freshwater and saltwater, which means that they can travel upstream (via rivers, canals and ocean inlets) in their search for prey. This brings them to shallow waters where people can be found and they are very aggressive sharks by nature. Massive animals, bull sharks can grow into giants weighing over a ton. Those we catch in Islamorada tend to weigh no more than 500lbs and they are phenomenally powerful fish. Bulls harks hunt birds, fish and turtles but they will happily eat anything they may come across – and they do not share. Highly territorial sharks, bull sharks are strictly solitary hunters and tend to inhabit the same wrecks and reefs for years on end.

Catching sharks in Islamorada is a serious challenge. Special equipment and tackle is essential to bring these monsters in. Every boat in our fishing fleet is equipped with tournament grade equipment which ensures a much needed advantage. These animals are fast, strong and intelligent. Our Islamorada fishing captains and crews have vast knowledge and experience with catching sharks in the area. They will share their expertise with all onboard.

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