Islamorada Marlin Fishing

islamorada marlin fishing

In Islamorada, marlins have become an icon for sports fishing. These elusive fish are rare, having suffered from over-fishing. Never a species with an abundant population, catching a marlin in Islamorada is extremely challenging. While we do catch blue marlin and white marlin in the area, black or striped marlin is even scarcer. It is more likely that you will catch other types of billfish, such as swordfish and sailfish, when fishing for marlin in Islamorada.

Marlins are top predators enjoying a place high up the ocean's food chain. Reaching speeds of 70mph underwater, these enormous fish are incredibly fast. Now that we understand just how rare it is to catch marlin in Islamorada, we can talk about how to find them:

  • Our Islamorada fishing charters travel very far offshore to find marlins. They do come close to the coast while migrating but they are almost never caught there. Unfortunately, this is out of the range of our shorter fishing charters. If you really want to catch one of these beautiful fish, then you should try to fish along the edge of the continental shelf – in waters ranging between 600ft and 1 000ft deep. If you travel into the waters off the Bahamas your luck will increase further. We have found that marlin fishing is generally better there as opposed to Islamorada. If you can make the trip, we will be thrilled to take you into the Bahamas on our Islamorada fishing charters.
  • Live bait works best for catching marlin, as with other billfish species. Marlins can be caught on frozen bait and lures as well, but we much prefer using live bait. Small tuna and skipjacks are favored by our Islamorada fishing captains who know the benefits of using it. However, you can combine frozen bait with a skirt. This sometimes attracts marlin while keeping your bait protected.
  • The speed you are travelling at is of utmost importance. These extraordinary fish are likely faster than your boat can even go, and they are extremely particular about the way their prey swims in the water. Intelligent fish, marlin will not take your bait if it looks too odd. We recommend cruising between seven and fifteen knots. Your bait will not resemble the marlins common diet if you are going slower than seven knots. It will also make a tasty snack for other fish. If you are moving faster than fifteen knots then your bait will fall apart. Marlins will not touch it either because it will look ridiculously unnatural underwater.

Ernest Hemingway wrote a novel entitled The Old Man and the Sea. It tells the story of an old fisherman alone on a tiny boat. He has to battle a giant marlin by himself. This novel has captured the imagination of people world-wide. Marlins are huge, fast and undeniably powerful. They will easily pull fishing boats for hours, through miles of ocean water. In Islamorada, these iconic fish are considered mysterious and are well respected.

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