Islamorada Grouper Fishing

islamorada grouper fishing

One of the most popular fish to catch in the Panhandle of Florida, grouper is known for their exhilarating strength. Found feeding near the ocean floor, our Islamorada fishing charters go bottom fishing for them and they provide anglers with a serious challenge when reeling them through the depths of the sea. The waters off the coast of Islamorada teem with a rich variety of grouper, including the favored gag grouper and goliath grouper.

Large mouths and stocky bodies make grouper extremely easy to identify by Islamorada anglers. Typically weighing less than 100lbs, grouper have been documented as massive as 500lbs. Very interesting fish - grouper have no teeth on the edges of their enormous jaws. Instead, massive tooth plates help them crush their prey, suck them and swallow them whole. These fish have ferocious appetites and our Islamorada fishing charters catch them using both live and frozen bait. Grouper have even attacked humans, sometimes fatally.

In Islamorada, different grouper varieties are caught throughout the year fairly close to shore. In the springtime though, grouper spawn. This is undoubtedly the best time to catch them. During April and May, serious anglers will travel to the reefs, rocks and wrecks where this is happening. Dropping live bait (particularly pinfish) is a favorite of ours. You can actually feel the grouper inhaling the bait before a phenomenal fight ensues. These fish are incredibly powerful and even the strongest anglers enjoy a trying battle.

Many seafood restaurants in Islamorada serve grouper as an entrée to their hungry diners. Grilled, baked or fried, grouper is a truly delicious fish. Fried grouper fingers are immensely popular in Islamorada and our personal favorite. Take your catch to some of these restaurants. At set prices cheaper than ordering off their menus - their chefs will be delighted to prepare your grouper the best way. You will certainly be in for a tasty treat.

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